Dayaal (2014)

Dayaal (Satiguru Hoi Dayaal)
Sikh prayer by Guru Amar Das

Satiguru hoi daiaal ta saradhaa pooreeai || When the True Guru is merciful, then your desires will be fulfilled.
Satiguru hoi daiaal na kabahoon jhooreeai || When the True Guru is merciful, you will never grieve.
Satiguru hoi daiaal taa dukh na jaaneeai || When the True Guru is merciful, you will know no pain.
Satiguru hoi daiaal taa har rang maaneeai || When the True Guru is merciful, you will enjoy the Lord’s Love.
Satiguru hoi daiaal taa jam kaa dar kayhaa || When the True Guru is merciful, then why should you fear death?
Satiguru hoi daiaal taa sadh hee sukh dayhaa || When the True Guru is merciful, the body is always at peace.
Satiguru hoi daiaal taa nav nidh paaeeai || When the True Guru is merciful, the nine treasures are obtained.
Satiguru hoi daiaal ta sach samaaeeai || When the True Guru is merciful, you shall be absorbed in the True Lord

Ma invokes the Mother. Ma is all comfort, all support, all mercy, all kindness and all love. Mmmmm. Mmmmm. Delicious.

Raj Karega Khalsa
Traditional Sikh prayer by Guru Gobind Singh

Raaj Karega Khalsa || Those who live according to their own light shall rule.
Aakee rahai na koi || No one will stand against them.
Khwar hoi sabh milaingay || All those who meet together in humility
Bachai sharan jo hoi  | Will be in the Protection of God’s Sanctuary

Sat Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Ji
Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Guru 

Kal Akaal

Kal Akaal, Siree Kaal, Maha Akaal, Akaal Murat, Waheguru

This mantra is a reminder of our nature, which exists beyond death. Kal = death, Akaal = deathless or eternal. Waheguru is an exclamation of pure ecstasy in the face of God’s wisdom. It runs through, and exists beyond, all things.

Guru Ram Das

Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru

This mantra is the nirgun-sirgun mantra. The first line describes the formless quality of God (nirgun). The second line describes God in the form (sirgun) of Guru Ram Das, who was a great saint and yogic master. When we chant this mantra we open up our hearts to receive the miracles waiting to be realized in our life.

Namo Sooraj
Sikh prayer by Guru Gobind Singh, from Jaap Sahib

Namo sooraj soorjay namo chandr chandray || Salutation to Thee O sun of Suns; salutation to Thee O moon of moons
Namo raaj raajay namo indr indray  || Salutation to Thee O king of kings; salutation Thee O indra of all indras (gods)
Namo andhkaaray namo tayj tayjay  || Salutation to Thee O creator of pitch darkness; salutation to Thee O light of lights
Namo brind brinday namo beej beejay || (185) Salutation to Thee who is the greatest of all the groups of living beings; salutation to Thee who is the most subtle of the elements (185)

Namo raajsung taamasung saant roopay || Salutation to Thee who is the creator of three qualities of mind, first is ego and pride, second is darkness of mind, and third is peace and knowledge
Namo param tattung atattung saroopay || Salutation to the substantial and un-substantial forms
Namo jog jogay namo giaan giaanay || Salutation to Thee O greatest yogi of all yogis; salutation to Thee O fountain of all knowledge
Namo mantra mantray namo dhiaan dhiaanay || (186) Salutation to Thee O supreme mantra; salutation to Thee O highest meditation (186) 

Namo judh judhay namo giaan giaanay || Salutation to Thee O conquerer of wars; salutation to Thee O fountain of all knowledge
Namo bhoj bhojay namo paan paanay || Salutation to Thee O store-house of food; salutation to Thee O essence of water
Namo kalah kartaa namo saant roopay || Salutation to Thee who produces disputes; salutation to Thee O Embodiment of Peace
Namo indr indray anaadung bibhootay || (187) Salutation Thee O indra of all indras, whose origin is unknown (187)

Kalungkaar roopay alungkaar alungkay || Thou who art flawless, provider of beauty to the beauteous
Namo aas aasay namo baank bungkay || Salutation to Thee O fulfiller of hopes; salutation to Thee O most beautiful
Abhungee saroopay anungee anaamay || Thou who art indestructible; incorporeal and beyond name
Tribhungee trikaalay anungee akaamay || (188) Thou who art the Destroyer of the three worlds, who art incorporeal and beyond desire (188)

The Music Is Always There (Sa Ta Na Ma)
Lyrics by Sirgun Kaur

I have been told not to dwell
There was a time I didn’t listen so well
Every time I nearly fell, the music was always there

Growth is constantly getting its way
And by Thy grace, I find the courage it takes
Praise the change that brings each new day  
The music is always there

When I feel the tears well up
Or that God has overfilled my cup
I have learned to lift myself up
And hear the music that’s always there
And sing the music that’s always there

The orchestra plays
The truth resounds
In time and space the heart has already found
We may get lost in life’s ups and downs
The music is always there 

Sa Ta Na Ma
This mantra represents the cycle of life. Sa = infinity, Ta = birth into form from infinity, Na = death, Ma = rebirth 

Credits: All music written by Sirgun Kaur & Thomas Barquee, except Namo and Dayaal (Satigur Hoi Dayaal) written by Sirgun Kaur.

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