Lyrics by Sirgun Kaur Khalsa, Music by Sirgun Kaur Khalsa & Ram Dass Khalsa

Oh Cosmic Creator of All that is.
Oh Cosmic Source of all vibration.
Inspire us be receptive,
to create internal space where your Presence can reside.
Move in us to creativity.
So we can be the perfect vessels of your misson.
Enlighten us that we may serve the highest good
and find solace in forgiveness
May be always remember our purpose,
illuminate the wisdom in every moment.
For this infinity is yours.
And its experience is mine.
I am yours.
You are mine.
This is ours.
I am thine.
From the beginning without end.
Forever and ever. Amen.
From the beginning without end.
Forever and ever. Amen

Sat Narayan
Mantra given by Yogi Bhajan, Music by Sirgun Kaur Khalsa

Sat Naraayan, Waheguru
Haree Naraayan, Sat Naam


Words by Guru Nanak (from Japji), English lyrics by Sirgun Kaur Khalsa, Music by Sirgun Kaur Khalsa & Ram Dass Khalsa

Asankh jap asankh bhaao. Asankh pujaa asankh tap-taao.
Asankh granth mukh ved paath. Asankh jog man rahah udaas.
Asankh bhagat gun giaan vichaar. Asankh sati asankh daataar.
Asankh sur muh bhakh saar. Asankh mon liv laae taar.
Kudrat kavan kahaa vichaar. Vaariaa na jaavaa ek vaar.
Jo tudh bhaavai sai bhali kaar. Tu sadaa salaamat Nirankaar.

Asankh murakh andh ghor. Asankh chor haraam-khor.
Asankh amar kar jaahe jor. Asankh gal vadh hatiaa kamaahe.
Asank paapi paa kar jaah. Asankh kuriar kure phiraah.
Asankh malechh mal bhakhi khaah. Asankh nindak sir karah bhaar.
Naanak nich kahai vichaar. Vaariaa na jaavaa ek vaar.
Jo tudh bhaavai saai bhali kaar. Tu sadaa salaamat Nirankar.

Eternal and formless, ever the same.
Ever complete, contained in the Name.
We may not see, look for answers above.
Chant from you heart and vibrate the strings of love.


Music by Sirgun Kaur Khalsa & Ram Dass Khalsa

Gobinda, Gobinda, Haree, Haree 
A sanskrit mantra that calls upon the sustaining quality of God 
Hey Gobind, Hey Gopaal, Hey Dayaal Laal 
Guru Arjan’s mantra calls upon the compassionate and loving qualities of God


Aakhan Jor (God & Me)
Lyrics by Guru Nanak and Yogi Bhajan. Music by Sirgun Kaur Khalsa 

Aakhan jor chupai nah jor, 
Jor na mangan dayn na jor 
Jor na jeevan maran neh jor 
Jor na raaj maal man sor 
Jor na surtee giaan vechaar 
Jor na jugatee chutai sansaar 
Jis hath jor kar vekhai so-i 
Nanak utam neech na ko-i 

No power to speak, no power to keep silent. 
No power to beg, no power to give. 
No power to live, no power to die. 
No power to rule, with wealth and occult mental powers. 
No power to gain intuitive understanding, to contemplate spiritual wisdom. 
No power to find the way to escape from the world. 
God alone has the Power and watches over all. 
O Nanak, no one is high or low.

 God and me, me and God are one


Mera Man Lochai
Lyrics by Guru Arjan, Music by Sirgun Kaur Khalsa & Livtar 

Mera Man Lochai gur darshan taa-ee 
Bilap karay chaatrik kee niaaee 
Trikhaa na utarai shaant na aavai 
Bin darshan sant pi-aaray jeeo 
Hao gholee jeeo ghol ghumaaee 
Gur darshan sant piaaray jeeo 

Tayraa mukh suhaavaa jeeo sahaj dhun baanee 
Chir hoaa daykhay saaring paanee 
Dhan so days jahaa too(n) vasiaa 
Mayray sajan meet muraaray jeeo 
Hao gholee hao ghol ghumaaee 
Gur sajan meet muraaray jeeo 

Ik gharee na milatay taa kalijug hotaa 
Hun kad mileeai pria tudh bhagavantaa 
Mohi rain na vihaavai need na aavai 
Bin daykhay gur darbaaray jee-o 
Hao gholee jeeo ghol ghumaaee 
Tis sachay gur darbaaray jeeo 

Bhaag hoaa gur sant milaaiaa 
Prabh abhinaasee ghar mehi paa-i-aa 
Sayv karee pal chasaa na vichhuraa 
Jan Naanak daas tumaaray jeeo 
Hao gholee jeeo ghol ghumaa-ee 
Jan Naanak daas tumaaray jee-o 

My mind longs for the vision of the Guru’s Darshan 
It cries out like the thirsty song bird for the nectar of your name. 
My thirst is not quenched, and I can not find peace 
Until I receive the Darshan the beloved saint. 

I give myself, and my soul 
for your Darshan, my beloved Guru! 
Your face is so beautiful, and the sound of your words (shabd) is so filled with inner wisdom. 
It has been too long since this rainbird has had even a glimpse of water. 
Blessed is the land, where you live, my friend and loved one, 
my Divine teacher. 

I give myself, and my soul, to my beloved, my Divine Guru 
An instant away from you, brings darkness 
When will I meet You, my beloved Waheguru? 
I can’t endure this night, sleep eludes me too 
Until I see your home, my beloved Guru! 

I give myself, and my soul to your true home, my beloved Guru! 

By good fortune, I met my Saint Guru 
and I have found that the immortal creator is within the home my own self 
and so I will always serve you and never be separated from you even for an instant. 
Guru Nanak says- I’m your slave, my beloved Lord. 
I give myself and my soul. Servant Nanak lives to serve you. 

Aad Such, Jugaad Such, Haibhai Such,   
True in the beginning, true throughout the ages, true even now,   
Naanak Hosee Bhai Such   
Nanak says truth shall forever be.


The Longtime Sun
Lyrics traditional. Music by Sirgun Kaur Khalsa

May the longtime sun shine upon you 
All love surround you 
And the pure light within you 
Guide your way on 

Sat Naam 
Truth is the identity of All


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