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This song is a musical rendition of the Alice in Wonderland poem "The Walrus and the Carpenter", written by Lewis Carroll. 

An amusing social satire, it tells the story of two greedy and obnoxious characters who convince a group of naive little oysters to unknowingly walk themselves to their own demise. It is sung as a soft and soothing ballad.

This is the release in the Wonderland series by Porter Singer and Songs of Eden. The first was the "The Jabberwocky Song" (see MP3s || Singles & EPs)

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for pamela mp3

For Pamela (2019)

-8 mp3

-8 (2018)

let there be peace mp3

Let There Be Peace (2019)

MINUS vox mp3

Minus Vox (2018)

reclaim your happiness

Reclaim Your Happiness (2015)

dayaal mp3

Dayaal (2014)

The Cosmic Gift (2013)

The Cosmic Gift (2013)


The Music Within (2011)

MP3s || Singles & eps

om hari mp3

Om Hari (2021)

jabberwocky mp3

The Jabberwocky Song (2021)

Raam mp3

Raam (2020)

if you want to sing out, sing out mp3

If You Want to... (2020)

sailing mp3

Sailing (2020)

wahe jio mp3

Wahe Jio (2020)

lullaby mp3

Lullaby (2020)

mantraspheric mp3

Mantraspheric (2020)

happy mp3

Happy (2019)

ong namo mp3

Ong Namo (2019)

ARDAS bhaee mp3

Ardas Bhaee (2019)

this is the way mp3

This Is the Way (2019)

sat siri mp3

Sat Siri (2019)

two shoes mp3

Two Shoes (2018)


Divine Reminder (2018)

Raa maa mp3

Raa Maa (2018)

Physical CDs

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-8: (CD)
  • -8: (CD)
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-8 is Sirgun's fifth mantra album.

It was recorded at 432 hertz, 8 hertz below the standard tuning used by most industry professionals.

432hz is believed to be in tune with the natural frequency of the Universe. -8 (pronounced "minus eight") is a celebration of harmonious sound.

The mantras on this album were carefully and intuitively selected to provide the listener with a powerful experience of sacred sound.

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Harmonium Chord Sheets

Mul Mantra
  • Mul Mantra
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This 2-page lead sheet includes chord placement on harmonium, fingering, transitions, and where the words fall on each chord. Download the FREE MP3 of "Mul Mantra" at

If you would like extra support learning this or any other mantra, you can sign up for an online music lesson here:

Watch the instructional video for help on how to use the sheet:

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Bundle: Bliss, Aakhan Jor, Wahe Jio, Mul Mantra and Guru Ram Das
  • Bundle: Bliss, Aakhan Jor, Wahe Jio, Mul Mantra and Guru Ram Das
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Get all my lead sheets so far in a big bundle of harmonium love.

Included: 1) Bliss (I Am the Light of My Soul) 2) Aakhan Jor (God & Me) 3) Wahe Jio 4) Mul Mantra 5) Guru Ram Das

I have made tutorial videos on YouTube to assist you in learning these songs with the sheets. If you'd like extra guidance, I offer 1-hr harmonium lessons via zoom. Sign up here:

YouTube Tutorials:

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Online Courses

The Universe Is My Benefactor (2019)
  • The Universe Is My Benefactor (2019)

The Universe Is My Benefactor (2019)

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This is a recording of a 2-hour online workshop. Can you lean into the support that the Universe is giving you RIGHT NOW? Can you see it clearly? Can you move through situations knowing you are taken care of in every moment? What does that feel like? How would you be if you KNEW the Universe was your benefactor? That's what we explore in this course.

Included is a video replay of the class (about 2 hours long), a guided meditation, and all materials referenced in the class.

The "FREE DOWNLOAD" that you receive with your purchase confirmation is the login info for the course.

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Inner Voice Playtime - St. Patrick's Day 2021
  • Inner Voice Playtime - St. Patrick's Day 2021
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1-hour class, originally taught LIVE via zoom, with Porter Singer (aka Sirgun Kaur). An exploratory and playful hour of SOUNDING, TONING, and sonically "massaging" all the cells in your body with the power of YOUR OWN VOICE. No singing experience required. Everyone with a voice (yeah, you!) is welcome. Come play for an hour and leave a little more grateful for the AMAZING tool that is your own voice!

Sound exercises included in this series:

-Jaw massage

-Lip roll practice

-Pelvic rocking and tapping with sound

-Shoulder and neck release with sound

-Body Cello Meditation

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Digital Books

Charm the Shadows (Poetry E-Book)
  • Charm the Shadows (Poetry E-Book)
  • Charm the Shadows (Poetry E-Book)
  • Charm the Shadows (Poetry E-Book)
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My first poetry e-book, Charm the Shadows, is now available! This labor of love is a collection of 15 poems that were written (over many years!) about my spiritual journey as a yogi. This will download as pdf file.

Sample Poem

"Charm the Shadows"

In clarity we can see the truth
beyond what is concealed
A mystery can dismantle
when just a flicker is revealed

In my humbler moments I bow
to every pain I've ever felt
In retrospect, I see Your hand
and the winning cards it dealt

I see the room the earthquake made
for building up my trust
I see the change the wind brought now
when I complained of dust

In each moment my prayer is
that my mind might learn to bend
And at night to charm the shadows,
so they become my friend

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